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 Endo Motor is a kind of root canal treatment instrument which can assist the

dentists to shape more standard root-canal based on the micro-electronic control technology. This unit contributes to alleviating the dentist's working intensity.




Speed range

100-625 rpm

Torque range

0.6-5.2 N·cm


DC 8.4 V



Chargeable battery



5 w



  • Adjustable Speed 100-625r/min
  • Adjustable Torque 0.6-5.2N.cm (6-52Mn.m)
  • Auto reverse function: when the torque exceeds the regulated value, the file will stop for a while and then reverse to avoid the break-off in the root canal.
  • Easy operating with large LCD screen-what you see, what you get
  • Home-carry charger (alternating current can be used): free to use at any places, no worry about out of power.
  • Long operating time is available--2 hours (charging time about 5 hours).
  • Saving function—10 groups of speed and torque value can be saved!

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