TieApex Apex Locator PDF
Apex locator with the function of Pulp tester 

Apex locator have the function of Apex locator too

  • Patented design in tie type.
  • The unit can be tied to the hand of dentist or to the holder of dental chair  to contribute to the convenience of checking the changing data on the LCD.
  • Compact and stylishly thin in shape design.
    The dimension is only 120*79*22mm
  • Special detachable design in structural component to make sure that the function of apex locating and pulp testing are accurate.
  • It is equipped with rechargeable battery.
  • The accessories can be autoclaved to avoid cross infection.
  • Colored LCD display, adjustable volume of alarm.

Patented product, Counterfeiting not allowed.

A: the TieApex locator can be tied

B: can be tied on the Dental chair

C: can be tied on the user's hand

D : can be put on the operation desk


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