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Function and convenient operation:

Input 110-240V,50-60Hz Current 800mA
Output 8.8V DC Voltage Range DC 5.0-8.0V
Size 300*120*150mm N.W. about 700g
Charging time 2.5 hours lithium battery 7.4 V


  • Light intensity 1400mW/cm, 5 watt LED

  • Sound indication--BEEP at each 5 seconds

  • Various Curing Time: 5/10/15/20/25/30/40 seconds.

  • Three Preset Programs

  • A-Full power all the time

  • B -Generally increasing power in the first 5 seconds, then full power till the end.

  • C-Generally increasing power in the first 5 seconds, then half power till the end.

  • With inner Build-in light meter

  • Cord/cordless inchargeable. When running out of the battery, the unit can be operated

  • directly with the switching power adapter.

  • High Output: full supply of power can satisfy 10-second curing time for 200 times.

Model Code: